I’m a third generation baker … it’s in my family … my blood … and perhaps even my genes!

I grew up spending many days in my Dad’s bakery, where days would start at 1am, and after the excitement wore off (usually by 2am!) I’d take nap on a stack of flour bags behind the ovens.  At age 14 I had my first job as a ‘shop girl’ selling pies, cakes and donuts at Dad’s bakery, which was then called “Reafmans Pies and Cakes” but later renamed after Dad as “Lisle’s Cakes”.

After my second child was born, I started baking all sorts of wonderful pastries and cakes, in an attempt to re-live some of my childhood favourites and to share these with my own children.  I became addicted to the nostalgia and so I started a food blog as a place to record and share my baking experiences.

It wasn’t long after that I started the Pastrygene Market Stall at the Armidale Farmers Market.  A couple of years on, it became known as The Macaron Bar, and featured a selection of Macaron flavours each week.

I tinkered with the idea of going ‘pro’ and taking over the world one macaron at a time … but I’ve since returned to my ‘day job’ as a Solicitor, and so the Pastrygene Blog remains as a catalouge of my experiences, and a place that bakers and cakers alike continue to visit for inspiration and advice.

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Caking :)