All in the name of Research

I’ve been busy researching shipping options for my macarons – hoping to meet the demand to send Pastrygene Macarons further afield. In the process I stumbled upon a fabulous boutique bakery called Uncle Charlies Cookies, an Australian business making  Melting Moments.  Doesn’t sound all that remarkable until you discover the Mini Melting Moment. Their slogans are speaking my language “take your pleasure seriously” and “life is short, enjoy all the mini moments”.  YES!  Oh and they are all about scratch hand made food (“no nasty pre mixes” – their words). YES!

I like Melting Moments, but I was more interested in the online shopping experience, packaging and shipping.  So I bought some.  I did get a little bit excited about the prospect of receiving bikkies in the post and when they did arrive, it was a little thrill.

My impressions overall:

1. The Online Shop was easy to use – the product images and pricing were clear, and although they were more expensive than the melting moments for sale at the corner store (made by hand by a local baker), they were mini melting moments, and packaged really nicely so I wanted some.  Quantities were sensible – for each flavour I had a choice between a box of 12 or a box of 4  (I choose two boxes of 12).




2. The packaging was really appealing – it looks good and imprtantly its really robust.  A custom blister pack to hold the mini melting moments, heat sealed in plastic and then enclosed in a box (with a peek a boo round window showing off the contents). Packed for shipping in a reasonably sized carton box, with just a little paper stuffing and bubble wrap.  Not too OTT.





3. The shipping was $8 which I thought was reasonable.

4. A few days after I placed the order, I clean forgot that I’d done it – so when the parcel from Uncle Charlies Cookies arrived, it was a surprise!!  They Cookies were delivered by TNT Couriers.  When the truck pulled up it parked across the road and when I saw it I was mentally willing the driver to cross the road and have a parcel for me … and he did!  The joy of recieving a parcel (even when ordered by ones self and then forgotton) should never be underestimated.

5. The product clearly transported safely and arrived in perfect condition. It also met expectations.  It was as good as it looked. I have plently to share as a special treat (believe it or not, I don’t eat biscuits very often).

6. I got a free cookie!  Upon opening the parcel, there was a rainbow smartie cookie thrown in as a little extra (ok Im being upsold but its a cookie so Im ok with that!).  In the excitement I promptly opened the free cookie and took a bite … I actually didn’t like this cookie but I love the gestue.


I did however LOVE the Lemon Mini Melting Moments and am saving those just for me and a cuppa tea.  I’ll share the peppermint chocolate ones, and give the kids the rest of the rainbow smartie cookie.

The upshot – lots of lessons learnt in the name of research.  Funnily enough, the same day that I received this parcel, I also recieved some samples of the boxes I’d like to use for shipping … now I’ve road tested bikkie in the post (albeit somone eles!) Im guessing that soon enough I’ll be doing some test runs and may even be shipping Macarons (oh how much more joyful to open a parcel containing Macarons!!) sooner than I thought.  Stay tuned.

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