Birdcage Baptism Cake

I included this cake in my last cake wrap post but it really does deserve a post if its own.

The brief for this cake was to cater for around 150 people, match the colours of the invitation and ‘surprise me’.

Having creative license can actually be a bit daunting! But I had a pretty clear idea of how I wanted this cake to look, and was really pleased with the result.

I knew this cake would fulfil the brief to be a surprise, but would it be a nice surprise! That’s the kind if tension that goes with this kind of order, but any doubts I may have had were put to rest when I delivered the cake and received hugs from the I overwhelmed and gushing customer!

I had to laugh on the way home … after all happy customers is what it’s all about and that’s where there is so much satisfaction in a job like this! Making people happy with cake!



Birdcage Cake for Ellen Adelaide’s Baptism

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