Bronte’s First Birthday Cake


Bronte’s First Birthday Cake

Some people might (rightly) say its a bit over the top! But Bronte’s First Birthday was celebrated on the same day we had a Thanksgiving/Dedication service thanking God for the gift of her life. So it was kind of fitting :) I was in a huge celebration mood and this cake gave me the opportunity (excuse) to work on some cake decorating techniques I’d been wanting to try. The overall design was inspired by The Sugarpaste Fairy.

Yellow is Bronte’s colour as I bought Yellow Roses for her on my due date, knowing that by the time they were in full bloom she would be with me (and she was!). I love the softness of the Ruffle Cakes and so tried my hand at them for the first time :) I actually have no special tools for making ruffles and just used a bamboo skewer. The trick is to make the fondant or gum paste (I used a combo of the two) super thin. I do this by running it through the pasta machine attachment on my kitchen aid. I’m a HUGE fan of Bronnie Bakes and followed her tutorial for Ruffle Cake.


Bronte’s First Birthday Cake

The lettering for Bronte’s name was made from a set of cutters (tappits) that I finally figured out how to use!! I like how they are small and lower case seemed to fit nicely.

A few photos of the cake in action:




I think she likes it!




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  • Shel

    The picture of her biting the cake is very cute. You did a lovely job on it :-)