Dolly Varden Cake


Having never used a Dolly Varden cake tin before, I decided to make a practice cake before my daughter’s third birthday this weekend. I’ll be using the tin to create a cake she’ll love, and wanted to test a few variables to avoid disaster on the big day!

Firstly, I wasn’t sure whether the cake would stick to the tin. This is an old school tin and wad made pre Teflon! I decided to fully line the tin with baking paper, which is no mean feat. I tried a few approaches to shaping the paper so that it sat flat against the side of the tin, and after a few epic fails I settled on making a large cone and adjusting it till it fit nicely on the sides of the tin (I greased the tin to help stick the paper down). I then cut out a small disc to fit the bottom of the tin. Worth the effort, as it was easy to turn out and shaped perfectly.

Secondly, I wasn’t sure how to bake it so that the cake cooked evenly. I decided to try baking it on the lowest shelf in the oven so that the narrowest part of the cake was at the coolest part of the oven and the widest part of the tin up in the warmest part of the oven. I baked it at 180 degrees for close to an hour, and it worked out nicely.

Having achieved cake success on my practice run, the question became how to decorate it. Penny has a thing for marshmallows, so this cake seemed ideal! It is taken from the Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book (goodreads). Not to be put to waste, Penny shared her cake with all her friends at pre school, much to everyone’s delight!

If you are wondering what a Dolly Varden tin is; This is what it looks like:



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