Eclairs Make a Come-Back

Fotor04259436I recently read a food industry magazine which predicted that Eclairs would be making a comback as the new ‘it’ food.

My first thought was…

(a) wonderful I love Eclairs and

(b) hang one a minuite, Eclairs never went out!

I do love Chocolate Eclairs – making them and eating them.  In a moment of weakness I purchased a ‘Chocolate Eclair’ from the local supermarket, as vendors of Eclairs are pretty much non existent here in Armidale (apart from myself of course but sometimes you want to eat food someone else has created).  Unfortunately for me, the ‘Chocolate Eclair’ was merely an impersonator.  Flavour was non-existent, texture was dicey and on closer inspection, the ingredients list revealted that it was no more than a concoction made primarily of sugar and vegetable shortening.

I was henceforth convinced … I must improve the standards of Chocolate Eclairs offerings in Armidale and will now dedicate myself to that task.  You lucky creatures!!

The wonderful things about Eclairs is that they lend themselves very well to all sorts of flavour offerings.  Chocolate is just the tip of the awesomeness iceberg.  Just imagine the possibilities.  Salted Caramel Eclair anyone!

This Sunday I’ll be at the Armidale Markets in the Mall and will have delicious Chocolate Eclairs, Coconut Eclairs and Salted Caramel Eclairs.  Oh bliss! See you there xx

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