Market Sunday Wrap

Thanks to the high tech cloning technology that is marriage (two become one … and one becomes two) Pastrygene was able to make an appearance at both the Armidale Farmers Market and the Peel Street Markets in Tamworth ON THE SAME DAY! Whoah!!

My husband Russ (also a chef) ran the Stall at Armidale Farmers Market and I ran the stall at Peel Street.  Now we aren’t particularly competative (not really!) but the day was punctuated with an exchange of text messages about how each of us were doing … and he was outselling me … fast!

Heading to Tamworth was well worth it … and when you live in a beautiful region like the New England, no-where is really all that far. It was great to meet new customers, some who already knew me and were exicted at the prospect of getting hold of Pastrygene goodies, and others who were intruiged but unsure!

Being the new kid at a Market is always an interesting experience as people suss you out and have a good look at the stall before deciding if you have something they’d like!  I never really thought of myself as a sales person, but when you stand behind your products, something that you are proud of, you’ve also got to have the confidence to sell it.  I didn’t deliberatly set out to learn sales skills, but as I hear myself with my ‘pitch’ I realise that I’m doing it.  It’s particularly noticable when you are meeting new customers who don’t know you or your products and they may be interested in what you’ve got to sell, but want to know more before they decide.  Honesty and a genuine passion for the food I create are my go-to tools for ‘the pitch’ so it kind of comes naturally.  I can’t help but chuckle when I think of some of my Dad’s famous sales pitches … which included things like “its 100% fat free”!! Clearly I’ve picked up more than baking skills by osmosis … my tounge in cheek pitch goes something like “its practically a health food!”.

The day in pictures:

Outside the Old CBA Building in Peel Street






















In Curtis Park Armidale
























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