Nanna’s Scones


I love visiting my Nan. She’s kind and welcoming and the kind of person who makes a batch of scones at the first mention of visitors, and has the kettle on the boil when you turn up. She’s young at heart and mind (and body considering she gets around 9 holes of golf without breaking a sweat!).
While visiting her over the weekend I pointed out that her scones were fantastic and asked her about the recipe. She started by telling me that she got it from a friend who had told her about a ‘new’ recipe. Nan said she really did wonder how many variations on the recipe for scones could exist, but she was pleasantly surprised by her first foray into lemonade scones. Nan rattled off the ingredients … flour, sugar, cream, milk and lemonade, but instead of giving quantities she simply said that it’s about getting the right consistency and you know when you have it. She made this batch for the hungry hoards (my brothers) who were due to arrive and said she was just relieved that they turned out because it was the very first time she had made lemonade scones. They look great and tasted even better. Goes to show you’re never too old to try something new.
While we were talking all things baking Nan told me a story about the time she dropped a batch of cupcakes just as she was about to load them into the oven. The tray hit the floor and the batter spilled out of the patty tins and over the tray. Exasperated and holding a tray of spilled cupcake batter and dented patty cake tins she sang out in that melodic tone that all mothers have … “kids”. The children (she has 7) all came running into the kitchen and were delighted to relieve Nan of her cupcake disaster. It became somewhat routine for the children to ask “mum … when are you going to drop some more cupcakes?”.
We had a good laugh at that story and I know exactly what it’s like with kids and cake batter. Penny is usually perched on a chair and ready to take care of the whisk and bowl as soon as she can.
Nan told one more funny joke which I have to share. It came from a greeting card her son had sent her and it said “Good Mums let their children lick the beaters. Really good Mums turn the power off first!”.
Thanks for the scones Nan, and for teaching me life’s best lesson … its important to have a good laugh.

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