Putting the Sunshine back into Sunday

In the two years I have been a stallholder at Armidale Farmers Market, I have discovered a new law of nature.  It will be sunny, on Sunday.   Ok … so it doesn’t work every time, but when you are regularly doing a weather dependant event, you kind of notice these things, and what I have noticed is that 9 times out of 10, it wont rain on Sunday (of course there was that time it was sleeting … but technically that’s not rain).

This weekend it poured all day Saturday … and late into Saturday night the rain kept falling.  I’ve got a pretty steeling resolve, so I plugged on in the bakery, allowing only a very small space in my mind for the thought “is this all going to be a waste of time if we are washed out tomorrow?” (a very small crook like dim dark corner of my mind).

Waking up on Sunday is so much more of a joy when there is a patch of blue sky and streaks of golden sunshine you just know are going to come through. And they do.  The day turned up like some kind of glitch in the matrix.

And of course, after a day of drizzle and rain, everyone is keen to take advantage of a morning out enjoying the anomoly that feels a bit like spring on the first day of June.

The day in Pictures:

10369726_805831369441054_4226873772406781027_n 10365973_805858682771656_4109193258212447636_n 10389350_805859242771600_2898652218841065105_n 10270447_805860469438144_5888427662298312544_n 1534307_805865649437626_6562610288736546363_n

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