Taste Tamworth Wrap

Tamworth is a ‘short’ road trip down the New England Highway (around 220km return) and one of the things I enjoy about heading down to Tamworth is that when I get to about Moonbi I loose reception on my radio (usually listening to JJJ) and have to search for local channels.  When I’m within range of Tamworth there are a couple of country music stations that tune in loud and clear, and so for a short period of time I’m listening to country music.  Why is this enjoyable you ask?? Because the lyrics are just so funny that I usually have a good laugh! Yesterday I tuned into a song called ‘Chainsaw’ and it was a woman singing about how she was going to end her relationship with a Chainsaw (something about chopping down a tree). Seriously! The main words of the chorus were “Chainsawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”. Haaaaaaa!

Anyway, that is totally off topic. On topic is a wrap up of yesterday’s Taste Tamworth.  As with all outdoor events, I usually get a bit anxious about the weather and with rain overnight this was no different!  Fortunately the day came up nice and sunny and the punters came out in droves. Yay! The event was well exceptionally well organised and marketed and in my experience that makes all the difference to a marketeers day.  In the end, around 10,000 turned out for the day.

Here I am in the thick of it (and yes that is a giant line up outside my stall!) …

Pastrygene at Taste


The Tamworthians may enjoy Country Music for different reasons than I do, but they do share great taste.  There were plenty of fantastic local food producers, wineries and food business represented.  Apparently Celebrity Chef Hayden Quinn was also there but to be honest the event didn’t need a ring in ‘star’ …. there was plenty of local talent.

I was stoked to be able to share the Pastrygene Macaron Bar with a whole new crowd and clearly I’ve made some new fans (the ones who kept coming back again and again and again!).

Meeting like minded food produces and local food business’  is also another fantastic benefit of being part of these kinds of events.  I went home with a handful of business cards (and new facebook pages to ‘like’), as well as a wealth of information gleened from chatting with some savy food business people.  Win!

Seems I’m going to have to take the Macaron Bar road tripping more often and am looking to make the Tamworth Peel Street Markets a regular feature of my calender. I’ll also be supplying a Tamworth Cafe with Macarons so if you are a Tamworth local keep your eyes peeled for more information on that!

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