Toy Story Cake


This design is inspired by a cake I found here

It’s not entirely original but what I love is that it is simple and effective. The cake toppers were supplied by my customer and I’m also hoping to get some in stock myself as they’re perfect for this style of cake. Back when Dad had his cake shop he had loads of little plastic figurines stuck to plastic plaques that were designed to sit on top of a cake. They were kind of gaudy and tacky but that was how it was done then. These days it’s all about re-creating things in fondant and I have to say it is much prettier, however I don’t think I’ve seen a good fondant rendition for Woody or Buzz and I don’t even think its possible. So, there is a place for old school plastic cake toppers after all!

My favorite thing about this cake is the wistful floating clouds. They just make me feel happy!

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